EV Car Charging

Here at Omega Electrical we are gearing up to ensure we can assist with the ongoing demand of electric vehicles now being manufactured and implemented in the UK in respect of the current climate crisis. Our efforts to utilise the use of electric cars now will create a long term difference in the way we live our lives and the way we look after our planet when we look to progress in our efforts to become carbon neutral.

Our vehicle EV car charging points are compatible with all car brands and manufacturers, benefits of our car chargers will include:

Our 3.6kw, 7kw or 22 Kw electric car charging points all come with a 3 year warranty
Charging activity monitoring with a dedicated app to display its status
Auto power balancing to safely manage and regulate the current electrical load within a property
Software updates via Wi- Fi

Benefits of using an electric vehicle:

Cut on fuel costs
Exempt from road tax
Exempt from London’s congestion charging zone
Exempt from London’s ULEZ charging zone
Reduce your carbon foot print
Contributing to a more sustainable future
Add value to your home or business

Get in touch now should you wish to discuss the installation of a car charging point or multiple car charging points either at home or your place of work

VAT registration number: 157 1850 02

NICEIC registration number: 601828000